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Published: 2 years ago

#No127 Amstel Park

Getting my paint groove on! 

Published: 3 years ago

#No117 Easter Easle Painting

Working with my new oils & easle. Trying some techniques out.

Published: 4 years ago

#No112 Head in red

Painting of nude back head in red.

Published: 4 years ago

#No111 Body in red

A few quick sketch paintings of nudes.

Published: 6 years ago

#No68 Sketch of the 2nd Painting

It’s actually already been started, but thought it was worth posting.

Published: 6 years ago

#No67 A1 Painting Complete

Took a few days of hard graft & a lot of tea but finished the first of two. Very happy with the results.

Published: 6 years ago

#No66 A1 Sketch of Painting

Ok not really part of the project but being such a massive undertaking had to include it.

Published: 6 years ago

#No55 Painting Tests

Slight deviation from this week, but its Sunday and I have some nice art supplies to use… including metallic acrylic! Im doing 2 test runs for painting ideas for the living room, I think I prefer the blockier style, but here is the other …