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Published: 2 years ago

#No159 Leiden Botanics Tomatoes

Taking a date day to Leiden to check out an auction, visit the botanics, buy new fancy tea and stroll about among the flowers, though my favorite section is actually the vegetables. They just make me happy and excited. So I drew tomatoes today. …

Published: 2 years ago

#No138 Old Drawings – Flower Outlines

Cleaning up my sketchbooks and thought I would take the time to add some old drawing in – why not… This is outlines of flowers

Published: 3 years ago

#No126 Fuck You Cafe Glyptoteket

Basically trying to get moved on in an art gallery Cafe for drawing… smell some irony. That was despite ordering food & drinking wine? Kind of takes the biscuit, cheese & art! 

Published: 6 years ago

#No88 Bus Doodle

These are some of the places and people from Cloud9 when we all went away ski-ing. To pass the very long 12 hours on a bus I took up my pad & pen and starting doodling. These were my colleagues and friends. Places and …

Published: 6 years ago

#No72 Butterflies

Drawing to some chilled out music, so butterflies was what came to mind. Right now I have “Ben Howard” blasting through the living room. I might feel sorry for my neighbours but their kids are up at 6am every morning, so that easies my …