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Published: 2 years ago

#No160 Evening Flowers

Unwinding with some Malbec & watercolors… got these beautiful flowers from my work mates (as a congrats for getting hitched) which is super sweet! Thought I should paint them before they die. Well at least 1 of the flowers!

Published: 2 years ago

#No145 Old Drawings – Flower Lines

Cleaning up my sketchbooks and thought I would take the time to add some old drawing in – why not… This is some unfinished lines of flowers

Published: 2 years ago

#No138 Old Drawings – Flower Outlines

Cleaning up my sketchbooks and thought I would take the time to add some old drawing in – why not… This is outlines of flowers

Published: 6 years ago

#No88 Bus Doodle

These are some of the places and people from Cloud9 when we all went away ski-ing. To pass the very long 12 hours on a bus I took up my pad & pen and starting doodling. These were my colleagues and friends. Places and …

Published: 9 years ago

#No.27 Too Jazzy??!

Too much procrastination means its 1:30am – just as well its Friday. The sharing buttons here are broke – had another attempt at fixing them but have given up now… will wait till its morning I think. Basically the sharing works fine inside a …

Published: 9 years ago

#No.26 Hanging around!

People talking about the weather is boring, but have you actually seen it out there? Proper windy like. To the point where #Hurricanebawbag is trending on twitter, the world has gone mad… just mad. To prove its all gone a bit ‘Lord of the Flies’ …

Published: 9 years ago

#No.25 Stripes and Lotus!

Stripes and Lotus! I have a Lotus candle holder that sits next to my computer so just started with that really. Theres not too much thinking going on this week – just moving pen across paper and switching off really. This is kind of …

Published: 9 years ago

#No.24 Pushing up the daisies!

Using my new pens again. They are pretty neat actually. A pack of 4 Faber Castell’s. My only gripe (and its a small one) is that it doesn’t tell me the width. It gives me a ‘dummies guide’ and frankly thats just insulting… S (for small) …

Published: 9 years ago

#No.23 Swirls and dots!

Another late night (yawn) Just getting my dinner – Ill show if you promise not to judge me!   Thats right its cashew nuts and my last stroopwaffle! Ive hit an all time low! What you can’t see here is the humungoid cup of …

Published: 9 years ago

#No.22 Flowers n’ all that jaz!

Working on these late at night does have its drawbacks. I usually have to do the uploading on the imac, and then I do the tinkering (which is writing the blog posts) from the chrome book. I like it this way because i can …