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Published: 1 year ago

#122 Big K

Doodle of the big man himself! 

Published: 2 years ago

#NO114 – 1 Year Ago Today

1 year ago today I met a very special person, who took me to dinner & talked about food, antiques & pretended to understand what UX means… This drawing is my gift to that special man

Published: 4 years ago

#No71 Doggy Eyes

He likes to get really close… so close you smell the doggy breath

Published: 4 years ago

#No70 Diesel the dog

Really enjoying looking after this guy this week. He has such a strong profile it’s hard not to pick up a pen… So I did

Published: 4 years ago

#No65 Ski-Trip People

Some downtime between the slopes… And a willing model! After a hard day ski-ing it’s really nice to get the pencils out.

Published: 4 years ago

#No64 More from the poolside

A few more drawing I did while onsite working in Singapore.

Published: 4 years ago

#No63 Poolside Peeps

An oldie but a goodie.

Published: 4 years ago

#No62 Sister Drawings

Believe it or not I do actually draw… I just forget to post. So going to update some posts here with my work from the last few months. Here we go!