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Published: 8 years ago

#No.27 Too Jazzy??!

Too much procrastination means its 1:30am – just as well its Friday.

The sharing buttons here are broke – had another attempt at fixing them but have given up now… will wait till its morning I think. Basically the sharing works fine inside a blog post but not on the homepage. On the homepage the sharing picks up old articles and its pissing me off. Contacted WordPress guys, waiting to hear back. Basically do yourself a favour and do NOT update to the new WordPress – its just not worth it. Early adopters always get a bum deal.

Thats another theme finished this week, fairly happy with it. Think I’ll move back to characters next week.

Rains really heavy now – but i like the sound of it against the window. Makes you feel cosy when your wrapped up in bed. (Which is where im off too now).

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