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Published: 8 years ago

#No.24 Pushing up the daisies!

Using my new pens again. They are pretty neat actually. A pack of 4 Faber Castell’s. My only gripe (and its a small one) is that it doesn’t tell me the width. It gives me a ‘dummies guide’ and frankly thats just insulting… S (for small) F (Fine) M (Medium – yeah medium of what?) B (? Bold? Black? – can’t be black they are all black) You get the idea.

Doing better with dinner tonight – chip buttie and cuppa tea… yes not exactly 1 of my 5 a day but better than nuts and a stroopwaffle you have to admit.

Im taking in suggestions for next week so If anyone has any you can get me on the interwebs @chrissydwelsh

Here are my pens:

What I secretly liked is that they are called “Pitt” pens… Like yeah… Im hard… I use Pitt pens!

I don’t really want to be ‘hard’ I just like the thought I could be… with the help of these pens!

Unrelated: If any of the guys (& gals) in the office – & our general building to be honest- actually read this I just wanted to say thanks – integration into a new culture isn’t easy, but they make you feel welcome and make you laugh. When your down they talk to you and if your out for a beer they are usually buying.

Cheers x



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