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Published: 9 years ago

#No.1 The return of the afro zombie

To tell the truth I am not quite sure what started all this. From the depths of my memory I remember having a beer with a friend and discussing ideas on how to change the world (I’m not even kidding). Well the conversation quickly turned into ‘What would you do if you had the time to change yourself?’ An interesting question I think. I answered straight away without too much thought… I’d start drawing again – everyday… and Id write about it…

That as they say was that.

I actually couldn’t stop thinking about the idea of doing something cool for myself. My friends think I’m nuts. I don’t care. To make it easy Im going to have themes. This week is zombie week. I have to confess to being a total zombie lover. The movies and the art it quite striking.Im also reading World War Z by Max Brooks just now so the visual imagery is really helping.

Thanks for reading – got a google talk call… so laters.



  1. david harley says:

    Who are the images modeled on

  2. Chrissywelsh says:

    Our Family 😉

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