365 Project

Published: 2 weeks ago

#No113 Jungle Drawings

Drawing palms & inking them up onsite… 

Published: 2 months ago

#No112 Head in red

Painting of nude back head in red.

Published: 2 months ago

#No111 Body in red

A few quick sketch paintings of nudes.

Published: 4 months ago

#No110 Happy Friday

Speading the doodle love at work…

Published: 4 months ago

#No108 You are awesome

Work doodles 

Published: 8 months ago

#No107 something beautiful

Every now & then you get to draw something beautiful & capture it. 

Published: 10 months ago

#No106 Late night drawings

Doing portraits is something I really enjoy. I have a “thing” for faces. So quite privileged to be the first person to give a portrait to this lovely chap.

Published: 2 years ago

#No105 Spires

With the earphones in & the music up I find drawing my own kind of meditation. It has the potential to lift moods & calms nerves.

Published: 2 years ago

#No104 The crazy ones

The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.

Published: 2 years ago

#No103 Tea Time

Large mugs of tea see me through the day!