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Published: 11 months ago

#127 Amstel Park

Getting my paint groove on! 

Published: 1 year ago

#126 Fuck You Cafe Glyptoteket

Basically trying to get moved on in an art gallery Cafe for drawing… smell some irony. That was despite ordering food & drinking wine? Kind of takes the biscuit, cheese & art! 

Published: 1 year ago

#125 Paris Gardens

Outside drawing, freezing my fingers off. Getting a few cuddles to stay warm. Time to get moving though! 

Published: 2 years ago

#124 Beach Birds

Quick doodles of some beach birdies! 

Published: 2 years ago

#123 Beach Doodles

A little sun, chill, beach, wine & of course drawing. 

Published: 2 years ago

#122 Big K

Doodle of the big man himself! 

Published: 2 years ago

#No121 Transitional Buddha Head

This is one of the many strange & beautiful objects that I love to draw. This one is a Buddha – but depicted with Greek elements. Gandharra I’ve been told (by a reliable source) is the name of this style. Either way somehow has …

Published: 2 years ago

#No120 Sandy Dunes

Another 5min sketch chilling in the dunes of De Hoge Veluwe. Cycling around the place & looking at the great work of Barbara Hepworth – really awesome day!             

Published: 2 years ago

#No119 Marian @ Hoge De Vuluwe

5 mins sketch on a break from biking & the Barbara Hepworth exhibit.

Published: 2 years ago

#No118 Willy @ Hoge de Vuluwe 

5 mins sketches on a break from cycling & seeing the awesome Barbara Hepworth exhibit!